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Top Things To Do in Mahabalipuram

Top Things To Do in Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is considered as the most stopover tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. There are different stories related to the origin of Mahabalipuram and you will find this destination as the most loved place in the country. There are countless historical monuments that will simply amaze you. The popularity of Mahabalipuram comes under UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many activities to do in Mahabalipuram.

1. Rejuvenate at the alluring Beaches
A major crowd puller any coastal town offers is its beaches. In Mahabalipuram, a stretch of 20 km coastline provides two fabulous attractions, Mahabalipuram Beach and Pallava Beach that help revitalize your body, mind, and soul completely.

2. Relax and find divinity in the Shore Temple!
The main attraction of this place is Shore temple that is devoted to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, located on the Bay of Bengal along with the gateways from the western side far from the sea. It’s one of the most amazing World Heritage Sites as well as one of the prehistoric rock-cut temples around the nation. It’s known for its beautiful craftsmanship, embellished motifs, and complex carvings.

3. Experience the Five Rathas sight!
Huddled together near the southern end of the Mamallapuram, these Five Rathas appear like buildings to people, however, they were, surprisingly, all engraved from single huge rocks. All these 7th-century temples are dedicated to Hindu Almighty and are named after Pandavas, the 5 hero brothers of the ancient Mahabharata, and their wife Draupadi. These five Rathas were buried under the sand till excavated by the British around 200 years ago. You will experience this sight with tremendous bewilderment.

4. Know a little more about the history: Arjuna’s Penance!
Arjuna’s Penance is considered as much-admired rock carving, which showcases stories out of the country’s wisdom. It’s carved into the backside of a whale formed rock. The sculptures measure nine-meter high and twenty-seven meters long. The hard work and pain that went into the creation of these outstanding sculptures are quite obvious and deserve respect. These characters appear both humorous and realistic.

5. Fascinating Krishna’s Butterball
You may have come across many hair-raising attractions in the past but this attraction in Mahabalipuram deserves a visit. Krishna’s Butterball is a gigantic granite boulder and is one of the best places to see in the town. For the fact that efforts were put to bring down the rock by using seven elephants, this 16 feet tall rock stood on a short slope without a hitch. The question remains, how this historical monument could stand on a slope for more than 1200 years?

Its irresistible scenic golden beaches, azure waters, and majestic historical attractions make Mahabalipuram a destination that you can never forget.