Every year, hundreds of thousands of health tourists from across the world come seeking India’s world class medical attention and gaining immeasurably from it. Today, India is a top choice for medical travel because of its; Inexpensive high quality treatment; No waiting time; State of the art medical infrastructure; Efficient post-operative care and Highly skilled renown healthcare professionals.

Floohoo’s foray into medical value travel is with the sole purpose of providing international patients access the best of the Indian healthcare system-one that is second to none in the world in terms of quality and affordability. The idea is to provide affordable and seamless access to Indian medical expertise at actual costs with complete transparency.

We understand the concerns of the significant number of patients who travel to India seeking diagnosis or treatment for various medical ailments and our goal is to ensure that all the components of their travel and medical needs are well taken care of and both the patient and their family retains a sense of mental comfort while traveling to India.

Being based out of Kochi, Kerala, we are tied up with the best hospitals there, including Aster MediCity, VPS Lakeshore, Renai MediCity and Rajagiri Hospital. Apart from these we provide access and medical care through JCI accredited and NABH certified hospitals and multispecialty hospitals spread over various cities in India including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

All that a patient who wishes to travel to India for treatment has to do is to get in touch with Floohoo, with his/her medical history and choice of destination and hospitals if any. And on obtaining this, Floohoo will provide medical opinions and treatment estimates from the 2-3 relevant hospitals in India chosen by the patient. And once the patient decides to travel to India, Floohoo would assist and make all the required arrangements for the patient and his accompanying family.

A host of services can also be arranged for in India, including; Visa arrangements, ticketing, local transportation, accommodation and sightseeing in India, Translator and escort services, communication facilities including sim cards, tele-conferencing with doctor in India prior to travel, special medical and paramedical assistance and even choice of cuisine…all these at actual costs.

The costs conveyed to the patients are actual costs as quoted by the hospitals. The patients are even free to make the payments directly to the hospitals to ensure complete transparency. In essence, a patient who decides to travel to India would end up paying the same if he goes through Floohoo or on his own, just that you won’t have a hospitable partner like Floohoo…who would care for you through this medical journey.

Floohoo would assist you in choosing the right hospital, obtaining estimates from 2-3 hospitals in India, organizing admission in the chosen hospital and ensuring no-waiting time, constant feedback and updates provided to patient’s relatives about his/her medical status, instant arrangement of any special needs or impromptu requests and the constant presence and care…all of these at Zero Cost.

Indian medical tourism is booming continuously. Factors like international healthcare and medical facilities, air connectivity, ease of visa, affordable medical treatment, professional care and true hospitality makes India the most favorable medical tourism destination for the world.

Take up a Medical Value Travel with Floohoo and not just heal your body but rejuvenate you Soul too…to know more, write to us at: