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Floohoo Travels offer you the Kumbalangi Tours and Kumbalangi Sightseeing & Village Tours. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. Kumbalangi is a hamlet whose people mostly depend on fishing for a living besides engaging in farming and coir making.

In order to contribute to the development of the area as a tourist destination, the village and its surroundings are part of a sustainable tourism project that the government has initiated. A part of the programmed villagers involve interested tourists in their daily activities. You may opt to also view certain aspects of the daily life of the people here – observe various types of fishing such as bait fishing, fishing using traditional nets and Chinese nets and fishing with hook and line.

From main road you will be transferred to this village by a large country boat .You will be welcomed at Kumbalangi with a glass of tender coconut water and then begin your tour with visit of a crab farm. You will then visit coir yarn producing yard, experience pottery making, and also view the weaving of coconut leaves.

Towards the conclusion of your tour you will visit an agricultural farm and finally watch the large Chinese fishing nets on the waterfront in action.

On conclusion of your tour you will be transported to your hotel.

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