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Floohoo travels offer you the best Village life Experience and Kumarakom Village Tours. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. A village tour by Responsible Tourism Kumarakom initiative

You will be transported to Kumarakom where you will participate in a village tour designed and promoted by the Responsible Tourism Kumarakom initiative –

You will board a canoe to begin this tour and your boatman will take you through a lake, its banks fringed by coconut and banana trees, to a village named Manjira. You will be received with great enthusiasm and accorded a traditional welcome, as is the custom with these simple folk,

A coconut tree is climbed – Learn how the times have changed in a primarily agrarian society. Ajeesh, a toddy tapper, whose ancestors were also in the same vocation, will demonstrate two ways of climbing a coconut tree-the laborious traditional way using a ‘thalappu’ and the methods used today with a certain amount of mechanisation aiding the process. Ajeesh will end the demonstration by serving you a glass of pure coconut water and its kernel in a shell.

Tapping Toddy- Your next stopover on the tour is a grove of palm trees – you get here by walking across a field of paddy. Watch toddy being tapped from the palms and you could sample a glass of fresh toddy, a very mildly intoxicating drink. Your hosts will point out the various plants and spices that they have traditionally used and explain their properties.

Gowrie’s home – Your next visit is to Gowri’s home. With nimble hands and amazing dexterity, she will demonstrate the craft of weaving fronds of coconut leaves. With a smile, she will even try and get you to try it out yourself.

Net fishing – Suresh, a skilled fisherman from the village will teach you a few traditional fishing tips. Watch, as he casts a net and pulls up a catch.

Lata – your next stop is Lata’s home. You get there on the canoe. Lata will demonstrate the fascinating process of making coir. She will allow you to try your hand at it.

World of screw pines – At another home in the village, learn from Omana how screw pine products are made. Please do buy a couple of products that she makes. Omana will be thrilled.
After the tour you will be transported back to your Hotel.

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