We offer you the best Tamil Nadu Tour Packages. Book Tamil Nadu Holiday Packages from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. Tamil Nadu is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world and consequently a repository of ancient history and culture. Travellers to this fascinating state situated beside the eastern coast of India and the southern fringe of the Deccan Plateau will be held in thrall by the abundance of its cultural heritage and beauty of its landscapes. Bounded by the state of Andhra Pradesh to the north, Karnataka to the west and Kerala in its south western extremity, Tamil Nadu has been blessed by nature and history. Dense forests carpet its mountains, home to a fascinating variety of flora and fauna, Tamil Nadu's coast offers numerous scenic beaches. However, the diadems on Tamil Nadu’s travel trails are its fabulous historical architecture and sculptures,in temples and forts bequeathed by ancient dynasties of Chola, Chera and Palava monarchs. As a result of its history of maritime conquest and trade, Tamil Nadu’s culture has embraced temples, churches and mosques. St Thomas, one of Jesus' twelve apostles attained martyrdom here and Vedic Brahmin, pre-Vedic cultures have thrived here. Tamil Nadu has birthed Sangam literature, ancient classical dance forms and music were created here as well. Tamil Nadu’s Dravidian culture has now melded almost seamlessly with a cosmopolitan milieu. Chennai, the capital of the state is a fascinating amalgam of cultures, an eclectic city where the chatter of expatriates fills the air with all the languages of the world and yet, a place where people gather to learn Sanskrit.


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