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At Floohoo, its not just about planning and delivering a memorable tour, holiday or event but we try and connect not just ourselves but you too to the many dots that deliver an unforgettable experience. We work with many of the under-privileged people and communities at the bottom of the tourism value chain and help them not only sustain a living but provide education for their young ones, employment for their youth and means for the family to earn an extra from the many unique gifts of art or craft or any other workmanship they hold.

So when you book a holiday or event with us a part of the profit goes in strengthening the many helping hands, individuals and organisations who are striving day and night to aid and raise the living standards of our not so blessed fellow citizens.

Our Vision

Giving Back to the future generation, in doing so we want to “lend a hand” to the needy in the society as well as raise awareness on the need to support our society by giving back.

CSR Budget

Our CSR activities are mainly concentrated on uplifting the underprivileged people in the society. We are spending certain percentage of company’s net profit of the three immediate preceding financial years on CSR activities.

Our Focus

  • Promoting education
  • Finding shelters for people who need a secure place
  • Supporting children who need medical assistance
  • Empowering women
  • Supporting and Promoting independence to disable and orphans to get better quality of life.