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Attractions of Kerala

Kerala, famously known as ‘God’s Own Country’, is among the most favorite tourist spots not just in India but also abroad. Peaceful beaches, serene climate, lush green hill stations, serene stretches of backwaters and exotic wildlife are the most sought-after attractions in this state.

Kerala Backwaters
Kerala is home to some of the most wonderful and serene waterways, estuaries, lakes, canals, rivers etc. This huge interlocking network of waterways can be enjoyed on a houseboat. The backwaters of Kerala are home to some of the most beautiful and unique varieties of aquatic life including frogs, crabs, mud-skippers, kingfishers, cormorants, darters and turtles. Leafy plants, shrubs and palm trees along the sides of backwaters provide the environment an abundance of greenery. Some of the beautiful backwaters of Kerala that you can pay visit to are the Kollam backwaters, Alleppey backwaters, Kozhikode backwaters, Cochin backwaters, Kasaragod backwaters etc.

Kerala Hills Stations
Kerala, surrounded by the Western Ghat ranges on its eastern border has no doubt a wonderful collection of hill stations and lot of pleasure to offer, its dense green attractive locations, acres of tea, coffee and spice farms, profuse and thick forests, unusual or weird type of flora and fauna, intersecting mountain small rivers, amazing waterfalls and more make tourists to come again and again or holidaying in the hill stations of Kerala.

Kerala Beaches
Secluded beaches, laid back beaches, white sand beaches or party beaches: there’s any type of beach for everybody in Kerala. There are beaches for couples in Kerala where you can wrap up each other in Love, the beaches suitable for archetypal vacation for couples: the beach getaway. Nothing says romance like warm weather, hammocks strung between palm trees and cocktails with umbrellas in them that occupies the beaches in Kerala will make your holidays more enjoyable.

Kerala Wildlife
Kerala, the naturally green state in India, with a plethora of greens with thick under growths and verdant forests, a temperate climate and so many natural sources of water, provide the perfect habitat for the growth of wildlife. Naturally, there are many wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that have been developed to look after and preserve the wide variety of birds and animals in the wilderness of Kerala. The Kerala Wildlife sanctuaries are major tourist attractions where people from all over the world come to catch a glimpse of some rare species of animal or bird and some stunningly beautiful nature spots.