Badami Caves

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Floohoo Travels offer Badami Caves Tour Packages and Badami Caves Holiday Tours. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. The Badami caves are a complex of four cave temples, and they are considered noteworthy examples of Indian rock-cut architecture, especially the Badami Chalukya, which was completely carved out of soft sandstone between the late 6th and 7th centuries.
Verandas, stone columns, brackets, and a corridor line the entrances of the caves, which lead to a columned main hall and then to the small square shrine cut deep into the cave. The network of caves are linked by stepped pathways, which are intermediated by terraces with spectacular views of the town and lake. The collective architecture also includes structures built in the Nagara style, developed in northern India in 5th-6th century. The inscriptions that can be seen throughout the caves are written in an extinct Kannada script. There is also a fifth cave, which is a natural cave that once served as a Buddhist temple; this cave can only be entered by kneeling on all fours