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Floohoo Travels offer Best Hampi Tour Packages and Hampi Holiday Packages. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. A nondescript village (except during the busy tourist season) set beside the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River in northern Karnataka, Hampi contains the ruins of the ancient city of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi is also a centre of religious importance due to the presence of the Virupaksha Temple and several other religious monuments in the old city. The Hampi ruins are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The monuments of Vijayanagara or Hampi can be broadly divided into religious, civil, and military buildings. While most of the monuments at Hampi are from the Vijayanagara period, a small portion may perhaps have begun in a period that is pre-Vijayanagara Kingdom era. 
Emperor Ashoka's minor rock edicts in Nittur and Udi Golan suggest that this region was within the Ashokan kingdom during the 3rd century BC. A Brahmi inscription and a terracotta seal dating to the 2nd century CE were also discovered in excavations. The city of Vijayanagara was originally encompassed by seven lines of fortifications. These fortifications once contained a large number of bastions and gateways. Today, the seventh and innermost fortification that once enclosed the main city is the best preserved.