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Floohoo Travels offer Karwar Tour Packages and Karwar Holiday Tour Packages. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. Situated at the mouth of the Kali river, Karwar`s geographical features have created a natural harbour. Besides being a port town, Karwar is also a centre for agriculture, a few manufacturing industries, and tourism. It is believed that in the 14th century, the famous Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta visited Karwar in the course of his travels. The port was also used profitably by Arab and European merchants. 

Several small mangrove covered islands lay off the Kali river estuary including the Anjadip and Devagadaguda Islands. The sub-tidal regions of the islands have a high biodiversity. Karwar is also known for its cuisine, which is predominantly made up of a seafood and fish curry with cashews, coconut, and rice.