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We offer Andhra Pradesh / Telengana Wild Life Tour Packages. Book Wild Life Tour Packages from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. Andhra Pradesh / Telengana is a perfect destination if you’re passionate about wildlife. This is your chance to see the Indian star tortoise, grey slender loris, blackbuck, leopard, elephant, peafowl, wolf, golden jackal, mongoose, in addition to many more species who appear to be straight out of Kipling’s India. The breathtaking diversity of fauna and flora of the twin states wildlife draws scientists, conservationists, environmentalists, students, and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world to research, document, or simply enjoy the twin state region’s natural beauty.
A bird’s eye view of the region would begin in the non-contiguous mountain ranges of the Eastern Ghats and Nallamala, and continue over the flatlands that are rife with jade green rice fields, coal-rich forests, and prosperous bauxite and mica mines. This flight of the imagination would then fly over the semi arid Rayalaseema region densely populated with historical towns such as Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool and Anantapur, before finally bending towards the mighty Bay of Bengal.  Of the six rivers that water these lands, two are perennial – the Godavari and the Krishna. Their estuaries are teeming with migratory birds that regularly nest in these river basins, alongside other splendid creatures like the Estuarine crocodile, the increasingly rare fishing cat, and the playful river otter. Closer to the coastline, sea turtles are a regular sight, as grey pelicans and flamingoes dot the backwaters, revelling in the incredibly beautiful and plentiful feeding grounds of the Kolleru and Pulicat Lakes, as well as the Tatipudi Reservoir.
It is said that the massive, forbidding Western and Eastern Ghats are a microcosm of the vast natural world of India, and that its Eastern heart beats with the sounds and footfalls of the great beasts that inhabit it. Stunning creatures like tigers, panthers, wolves, wild dogs, sloth bears, hyenas, black bucks, chinkara, nilgai, cheetal and sambar all call these lands their home.
A large number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have been created to protect the diverse ecosystems of the Eastern Ghats, which has proven to be a critical development in light the growing number of endangered species like the Great Indian Bustard or the fringe lipped carp.