Jaganmohan Palace

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Floohoo Travels offer Jaganmohan Palace Tour Packages and Jaganmohan Palace Holiday Packages. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs.Palace is perhaps the most beautiful contribution to Mysore from the Wodeyar kings during their regime. Constructed in 1861, the palace served as an alternative retreat for the royal family when the Amba Vilas Palace was being reconstructed.
The design of the palace bears all the characteristics of the traditional Hindu style of architecture. The facade features three entrances. Columns, eaves, friezes, cornices with religious motifs, and representations of miniature temples adorn the interior. The walls inside are painted with murals in the classical Mysore style, which uses vegetable dyes. The murals represent the earliest known depictions of the Mysore Dasara festival. An additional external facade with a hall behind it was added to the main structure in 1900. An art gallery in the palace contains one of the largest collections of artifacts in South India, and they are accompanied by an extensive collection of paintings by the legendary Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma.