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We offer you the best Kerala Tour Packages which includes Kuthampally Handloom Village. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. Five hundred years ago, a cotton weaving clan from Mysore established itself on the banks of one of the best known Kerala rivers – the legendary Bharathapuzha River – to weave cloth for the erstwhile rulers of Kochi. Thanks to their patronage as well as the peaceful and conducive surroundings, they never went back.
Today, their descendents continue that proud and ancient tradition of hand weaving Kerala’s richly exquisite and ceremonial garment, the ‘kasavu.’ Today, Kuthampally is home to around 600 Brahmin families. The ‘kasavu’ saris that are expertly woven by hand here are a favorite not only among Kerala’s womenfolk but those in the rest of the country too. Equally popular are the double dhoti, veshti, and ‘set mundu’ woven by the villagers.
Traditional handloom is essential to the village life in Kuthampully, yet, like elsewhere, an Industrial Cooperative Society had to be set up in 1972 (with 102 members) to safeguard and promote the weavers’ interests. Around 3,000 people work in this sector today, mostly through cooperatives and as small-scale entrepreneurs. Various embroidery techniques are skillfully applied to traditional Kuthampully saris to produce designer ones..