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Floohoo Travels offer the best Kerala Tour Packages which includes St. Angelo Fort. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. Three kilometers from Kannur town and standing by the sea, St. Angelo was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy of India, Dom Francisco de Almeida, in 1505 AD. Only two years later however, the fort was besieged by the local ruler in the famous Siege of Cannanore. Despite the siege, the Portuguese held firm and would rule over ‘Cananor’ (as they spelled it) for another 158 years. The Dutch captured the fort in 1663. It was they who gave the fort its present appearance. It was sold to the Arakkal royal family in 1772, but the British swiftly gained control of the fort in 1790 and used it as one of their major military stations on the Malabar Coast.
The well-preserved fort is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India, which makes it one of the best Kerala tourism spots.