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Floohoo Travels offer the best Kerala Tour Packages which includes Kannur. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. The English called it Cannanore. The original name of this district and town may have been derived from a combination of that of the local deity, ‘Kannan’ (Lord Krishna) and ‘Ur’ (‘place’ or ‘region’). 
Kerala’s natural beauty is on full display here as the Western Ghats stretch along the eastern borders of this northern most district, as the Lakshadweep Sea lies to its west. With its ancient forts, shrines, and venerable cultural and educational institutions, Kannur has a remarkable history. Its picturesque landscapes have been the cradle of many a colorful folk art form, including Theyyam. 
Kannur is also said to be the ancient port of Naura, from whose shores King Solomon’s ships collected timber to build the great temple of Jerusalem. Well known to the Greeks, Romans and the Arabs, it was acclaimed by the celebrated traveler Marco Polo as a great emporium of the spice trade, and today it is one of the premier Kerala tourism spots