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Floohoo Travels offer the best Kerala Tour Packages which includes Bekal Fort & Beach. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. Shaped like a gigantic keyhole, the Bekal fort in the Kasargod district in North Kerala is the largest and best preserved of all Kerala forts. Built on a slight rocky rise over the sea, the waves occasionally dash against the solid high walls. This masterpiece in military fortification is believed to have been built around the early 13 century AD. It appears to have been exclusively for military purposes as its forty acres do not include a palace or any administrative buildings. A Hanuman temple and an ancient Muslim Mosque nearby within the fort’s premises testify to the religious harmony that prevailed in the area.
Aside from the large tank with its flight of stairs, don’t miss the various defensive construction strategies like the zigzagging nature of the entrance, the trenches around the fort, the opening to the secret tunnel to the south, and a magazine for storing ammunition. Of special interest should be the openings for guns that were built at various levels on the outer walls of the fort. These were designed in such a way that the enemy could be fired upon however far he was from the fort. 
The tall Observation Tower offers a panoramic view of a typically Kerala countryside, while to the west stretches the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea. The Bekal Fort is a surprisingly ideal vantage point to see Kerala natural beauty. The sunset from up here is simply unmissable!