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Floohoo Travels offer the best Kerala Tour Packages which includes CVN Kalari Sangam. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. A visit to the CVN Kalari is a must-see Kerala tourism attraction in Kozhikode. ‘Kalarippayat,’ an ancient martial art-form of Kerala, is as well known today as the dance form of ‘Kathakali.’ Kalarippayat evolved in Kerala not only as a fighting art, but also as a culture aimed at perfectly and fluidly blending the powers of the body and the mind. Indeed, training in the ring, or the ‘kalari,’ is considered a great advantage while learning ‘Kathakali,’ and its exercises are incorporated into many of the more progressive dance schools in India.
Watch trainees of all ages (seven is the best age to start) go through the rigorous stamina-building exercises that turns out the perfect Kalari warrior. Training is a way of life at the CVN Kalari, and it aims to improve alertness, agility, attack, defence, and to hone to perfect physical and mental reflexes that gradually build up the trainees’ concentration, confidence, and courage. Trainees are encouraged to eat, sleep, and breathe the Kalari at every moment of the day. This includes meditation techniques and regular Ayurvedic massages to condition the body and mind