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Floohoo Travels offer you the best Pondicherry Tour Packages. Book Pondicherry Holiday Tours from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. Once a French colony, the territory was ceded by the French to India and united with the Indian Union in 1962. This quaint town appeals to different people on different levels. Many visitors like to visit and sometimes stay in the Aurobindo ashram, some prefer to wander along the perpendicular streets which remind them of Paris, complete with policemen who still wear the smart French ‘kepi’, lounging in the French style cafes, restaurants and hotels and pausing to admire the old French mansions. Others prefer the Indian quarter - Ville Noire or Black Town adjacent to the French Quarter. The Indian quarter of Puducherry boasts of large verandah lined homes with grilled windows and doors. Here, both languages - the native Tamil and French are spoken equally fluently. Signposts and menus are still printed in French in many parts of the city and there is an easy relationship with the French culture. 
Sree Aurobindo Ashram