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Floohoo Travels offer you the best Mahabalipuram Holiday Tour Packages. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. Situated 60 kms south of Chennai, the ancient, historic city of Mammalapuram or Mahabalipuram was established by rulers, maritime traders par excellence, of the Pallava dynasty as a port during the 7th century, trading with Rome and Greece. Megalithic burial urns, cairn circles and jars in graves dating to the early Christian era have been discovered in excavations around Mahabalipuram. A five-storied temple believed to have been built between the 7th and 8th century AD, subsequently named the Shore Temple, cut out of solid rock and carved intricately, provides evidence of the structural abilities of the Pallava engineers. Legend has it that the temple is the sole survivor of a complex of seven temples. Local fishermen insist that the ruins of other six are underwater, far out at sea. The area around Mahabalipuram is scattered with a profusion of archaeological sites - Rathas or chariots, which are essentially temples carved like stationary chariots, mandapas or caves hewn out of rock, which might have been meditation sanctuaries of Buddhist monks.... and a sometimes bewildering numbers of sculptures and enormous stone reliefs.Nno wonder then that all these monuments, temples, sculptures and caves have been collectively defined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.