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Floohoo Travels Offer the best Kanchipuram Holiday Tour Packages. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. Kanchpiuram is an ancient town set on the banks of the River Vegavathy that has evolved over centuries, witness to the rise and fall of the Pallava, Chola, Pandya dynasties, the Vijayanagar empire, the Carnatic kingdom, and finally, the British empire. While most historians refer to Kanchipuram as a Chola capital, the grammarian Patanjali first mentioned the city during his lifetime (the 3rd or 2nd century BCE) and it was also described as the "best among cities" by the Sanskrit poet Kalidasa.
Populated mostly by communities of weavers, the town is renowned for its cottage industry that produces the most exquisite sarees woven from silk and cotton and its profusion of ancient Hindu temples. In the Hindu theological narrative, Kanchipuram is one of the seven Indian cities of pilgrimage and moksha where people seek salvation in their final journey. Home to the goddess Kamakshi Devi, presiding goddess of the Kamakshi Amman temple, the hub around which this vibrant town functions, the goddess is believed to grant the boons of education and wealth generously.