Marina Beach

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Floohoo Travels offer Marina Beach Tour Packages and Marina Beach Holiday Tours. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. At 13 kms. the Marina beach is the longest urban beach in India and the second largest stretch in the world. A promenade fringing the beach was built in 1884 and the country's first aquarium installed here in 1909. A number of remarkable statues line the promenade as well. A statue named ‘Triumph of Labour’ depicting four men braced to move a large rock exemplifies Chennai’s spirit. Another noteworthy statue is one of Mahatma Gandhi, caught mid stride in his purposeful march to Dandi. Both two statues symbolically depict moral righteousness, revolt against tyranny and respect for labour - values deeply enshrined in Tamil ethos. 
From April to October and again for a month from the middle of January to the middle of February the Chennai coastline attracts bales of endangered Oliver Ridley turtles that arrive to nest – one of the three homing grounds for these turtles, who lay their eggs in the sand before returning to the sea. Although the waters are unsafe to swim in due to turbulent undercurrents, the beach remains very popular with locals and visitors alike.