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Floohoo Travels offer Chennai Tour Packages. Book Chennai Holiday Tour Packages from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. Chennai is a restless, bustling Indian metropolis, redolent with an ancient Tamil Dravidian culture that has now melded almost seamlessly with a cosmopolitan milieu. Chennai is also an eclectic city - temples, churches and mosques abound. St Thomas, one of Jesus' twelve apostles attained martyrdom here and the city is also home to Vedic Brahmin clans and pre-Vedic cultures. To the traveller looking beneath the surface Chennai offers the ancient traditions of the Siddhas and Bharatnatyam, the renowned temple dance, besides contemporary theatre and ballet performances. It is a city where the chatter of expatriates fills the air with all the languages of the world and yet, a place where people gather to learn Sanskrit. It is a city of brilliant software engineers and scientists and mathematicians and home to outstanding artistic talent.