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Floohoo Travels offer Prakasam Tour Packages. Book Prakasam Holiday Packages from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. Restoration work on the ancient and magnificent 2nd century BC Buddhist stupa in the village of Chandravaram in Prakasam district is due to be completed this year, in a serious attempt to develop religious tourism. The great stupa exquisitely looms over the Gundlakamma River as it incorporates a three-winged vihara, or hall, and rest rooms. It is triumphantly crowned with a 30 feet tall dome, boasting a circumference of 120 ft. 

Special bricks in unique dimensions of 52 cm x 26 cm x 7.5 cm had been originally used in the construction of the stupa.  A meditating marble Buddha was installed to welcome his congregation at the entrance.  It is no wonder that ancient and medieval Buddhist pilgrims journeyed here from distant parts of the country to reverently admire and worship.  Contemporary Buddhist pilgrims who visit the stupa will also be invited to visit Amaravati, Anantapur, and Nagarjunakonda to complete their pilgrimage.

Prakasam is stamped with the history of many great powers as it passed through the hands of the Mauryas to the Satavahanas, thence to the ambitious Ikshvaku clan and finally to the last powerful Hindu rulers of the Vijayanagara dynasty – before falling to the Qutub Shahi dynasty and finally, to the Mughals.

There are other towns close by that are worth a visit.  The city of Ongole breeds champion bulls – the Bos Indicus.  Locally known as Ongole Gitta, they are purchased for bullfights in Mexico and in some parts of East Africa, and are also crossbred in many countries.  The American Brahmana Bull is a descendant of the Ongole, as is the famous Santa Gertrudis of Texas.  Ongoles have been exported all over the world and Ongole Island in Malaysia was named after them. 
In an endless list of fascinating historical towns in the district, the quarries of Chimakurthy stand out for their international quality black granite.