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Floohoo Travels offer you the best Kerala Tour Packages which includes Periyar National Park. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. One of Kerala’s top tourist destinations, Periyar National Park is set amidst towering mountains, deep jungles, tiny villages perched on hilltops, and Kerala’s longest river, the Periyar, that runs through it all like a majestic refrain, making this a prime example of Kerala natural beauty.
The Periyar traverses through Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary (350 sq km), located high in the Cardamom Hills and the Pandalam Hills of the south Western Ghats that bisects the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is a protected area and an elephant and tiger reserve. The sanctuary surrounds the Periyar Lake that, like the river, meanders through the wooded hills and provides a permanent source of water for the local Kerala wildlife.
The Park is home to a fascinating number of species of flowering plants, trees, mammals, birds, freshwater fish, reptiles, and insects, many of them unique to the area whose habitats are the evergreen and moist deciduous forests, grasslands, lake, and river ecosystems that characterize in the Park. This is truly one of the best Kerala tourism attractions