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The vegetation in hilly regions is typically made up of dry deciduous plants – mainly teak and a mix of species categorized as Dalbergia and Pterocarpus.  There are 4 mountainous provinces that support forest life - the Eastern Highlands, the Eastern Coastal Plains, the Central Plateau, and the Deccan Plateau. Plants like the Acacia, Ficus, Albizia Amara, Lagerstroemia, and bamboo are native tree species here.  Herbs, climbers, and shrubs employed in indigenous medicine are widely spread over the region, especially within the Tirumala ranges.

The hugely diverse flora reflects the topography of the region, and so visitors become charmed by the rich mangrove forests supported by the Krishna and Godavari estuaries, as well as the teak forests of the hilly ranges, before being captivated by the extremely rich aquatic vegetation of the backwaters.  Biologists have identified more than 59 species of aquatic vegetation within the Pulicat Sanctuary alone.