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We offer you the best Kerala Tour Packages which includes Champakulam Tourist Attractions. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. Vast expanses of water rule supreme in Champakulam of the Alappuzha district. Houseboats dot the many waterways here, as tourists soak in Kerala natural beauty: resplendent paddy fields, lush emerald green coconut groves, and the blue sheen of water rippled by the wind. There’s no wonder why this is a popular setting for tourist resorts.
Here stands one of the Christian Kerala old churches in India, the 4th century AD, St.Mary’s Forane Church (the Champakulam Veliapalli). Rock inscriptions in the vicinity of this waterfront church speak eloquently about its rich history.
Looking for something more secular? Another must-see for any visitor is the Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, the oldest and one of the most popular snake boat races in Kerala. The snake boats are so named because of their pointed, upraised prow that resembles a snake poised to strike, which is fitting, as they were the traditional war boats used by the Chembakassery rulers. These dramatic boats that measure up to 138 feet long and contain up to one hundred rowers is truly a sight to behold. This spectacle of hundreds of rowers synchronically flashing their oars in the sun to the rousing ‘vanchi paatu’ urging the crew on should be included on every Kerala tourist’s itinerary. 
Again, and again Champakulam proves to be one of the best site seeing places in Kerala.