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Floohoo Travels offer you the best Cochin Day Tours which includes Kerala Folklore Museum. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. The outside of the Kerala Folklore Museum – a tall wood and brick building in the traditional style of Kerala architecture - is in itself eye catching. Each of the museum’s three floors represents the typical architectural styles of Malabar, Kochi and Travancore. The entrance to the museum is comprised of the remnants of a 16th century temple in Tamil Nadu, along with wooden carvings from all across Kerala. The ‘manichitratazhu’ on the front door, an ornate and traditional door lock of Kerala, is strictly ornamental!
Inside is a breathtaking treasure trove of cultural artifacts that numbers over 4,000 exhibits. These include wood, stone and bronze sculptures, startlingly life-like masks, costumes, quaint musical instruments, traditional jewelry, Stone Age utensils, rare and esoteric astrological and medicinal manuscripts, and much more. All of this stands in silent testimony to Kerala’s rich and vibrant art, folk, dance and cultural traditions. Later in the night, some of those traditions come alive in the wood-lined theatre on the top floor of the museum (with its splendid 17th century wooden ceiling) with live displays and a cultural show. The Folklore Museum is one of the best destinations to experience cultural activities.