Pulicat Sanctuary

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Floohoo Travels offers Pulicat Sanctuary Tour Packages. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests and needs. Nellore in Chittoor District, at the border between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, is famous for its medical facility, its golden temple more recently, but the highlight is the Pulicat Sanctuary.  This 500 square kilometres brackish water lagoon, the second largest in India, stretches along the coast of the Bay of Bengal.  Plentifully supplied with fish, prawn, and molluscs, it is an ideal feeding and nesting ground for both native and migratory aquatic and terrestrial birds. The dry evergreen forest sanctuary, sheltering monitor lizards, kraits, cobras, and Russell’s vipers, provides the perfect environment for flamingos, sandpipers pelicans, storks, ibises, cormorants, grey herons, egrets, ducks, pintails and  terns.