Seemanthi Bai Government Museum

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Floohoo Travels offer you the best Karnataka Seemanthi Bai Government Museum Tour Packages. Choose from a wide range of tour packages based on your interests. The Seemanthi Bai Museum is located at Bejai in the heart of Mangalore and is the city's only museum. The museum’s collection provides an evocative historical connection between modern India and the tumultuous Indian landscape of the16th century with its ancient coins that point to the port’s historical links with international voyagers, coins belonging to the British East India Company, and beautiful display paintings.
The museum’s exterior is shaped like a ship, and it was named after Seemanthi Bai, the mother of V.R. Mirajkar who founded and built the museum in 1955. The museum’s collection also features a trove of metallic icons, statues, lamps, teapots from Kashmir, and inscriptions on copper plates, one of which dates back to 1624 and displays the verses of Keladi Venkatappa Nayaka.