Kerala Needs A Lending Hand To Rehabilitate Post Flood And Landslide And Is Going To Be The Biggest Challenge

Kerala, one of the southern state of india is facing the worst flooding of the history of the state. Approximately 350 lost their lives, 300,000 are trapped in various parts of the state and casualty numbers are expected to rise higher. Roads, bridges are completely destroyed, telecommunications are not working, an international airport has been closed for more than a week.


More than 500,000 people have been left homeless after unusually heavy rain and land slide in the past nine days.


According to the latest numbers shared by the govt. Of kerala there are 1500 relief camps opened across the state and millions of people are in these camps. Currently most of the affected are in search of secure shelter where they can get food, medicine and a place to stay.


They have lost their livehood like domestic animals, agriculture farming etc. They have to leave behind their pets and domestic animals run for their own lives. Hundreds of domestic animals like cattels, goats, and dogs carcassess floating on the water have been found.


Dead bodies were seen floating in several place and the sight is very horrible.


As in any other massive flooding, the true hardships are going to follow. State government, local bodies and other non-profitable and charitable organizations started working on the rehabilitation efforts. Majority, close to 80 % of the population lost everything including cloths, medicines etc. In the flooding. The biggest challenge our state is going to face is the epidemic and lack of drinking water and food and basic needs.

Our state requires millions and millions of dollars to rebuilt and habitable, this includes cleaning houses, rebuild and fix houses that are damaged or destroyed, supply medicines, arrangements for drinking water, food etc.

To summarize, our state "gods own country" requires a complete rebuild. In the last two weeks of continuous rain we all stayed together and survived. Now we need your support to rebuild our state and rehabilitate our lives. If everyone who reads our blog, who is willing to support, who is willing to lend a hand, our future would be much more secure. For as little as $1, you can support our cause – and it only takes a minute.



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